e martë, 19 qershor 2007

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Everything, Everything I have learned of importance in 56 years is at JesusGodGoodEtcNJay.blogspot.com. That site if available 30 years ago could have Saved my life for 30 years; 30 years I could have been "Saving" others much, much, much more effectively. I wish you would study it, and study, and study.

I'm not sure I can simplify things much from JesusGodGoodEtcNJay.blogspot.com. . But with this site "me2WE.blogspot.com" I'll try to simplify things; if and when Our Father gives me the time and resources for the attempt.

Heaven? From Me 2 We 4 All. Or Hell.


whether personal ... or... global happens when we...

FLIP me 2 WE 4 ALL.

Hell is the alternative.


Recently a dear Sister asked:
"I like the idea of Me2We. Seems so easy but can you explain it better to me. Love as always."
My Answer: Flip ME 2 WE 4all. With this little device - "ME 2 WE 4all" ("2" being short for "to") - I'm trying to simply capture the awful (wonderful) truth that we in society have taught ourselves to FORGET "the least of these" in our human body!!!!!!!! Cancer, we've become cancer! If we want to stop being "cancer" and return to "health" individually or all 6 billion of us, we need to flip from "ME" focused (including our small circles of "family") to "WE" focusing "4all" on "the least of these!"

IMPOSIBLE!??!?!!? Probably. But it happens. Right? It has happened! It just hasn't stayed in place!!!! For example, Right after Katrina 10's of thousands of usually "me" focussed folks from all over the country left home, left their "families" and went to New Orleans to helped strangers!!! Others, nice white suburban folks around the country through email and phone correspondence brought strangers from Katrena INTO THEIR HOUSES, LIKE FAMILY?!?!??! Facing Katrina every day! Facing Katrina all life long! A life of total service. Just like Jesus. Just like Jesus taught.

Well, ok Start, but that was an EMERGENCY! Hmmmm. So is 18,000 children dying from starvation per day. PER DAY!

My love to you dear. My love to the clan. Start